Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Love Love Love

I have been so busy with household work these past few weeks I've neglected to upload new pics and updates! Things have been crazy around here lately with Valentines Day and trying to get back into the swing of things. I am also taking an online photography class to try and get better at using my uber expensive Nikon DSLR camera:) Brantley is growing like a weed and Caidan is right there with his brother! Caidan is just finishing up his season of basketball and will be starting his spring football in just a few short weeks! Know what else is in a few weeks? My birthday. I think I get way too excited about my birthday every year, not because I am getting older (however 29 is looking pretty good these days) I just get excited for one day to be about me! I am also getting excited for St. Patty's Day because my birthday falls on the 16th! I can see lucky charm cupcakes and all things green in my future!

Heart shaped food has got to be my absolute favorite thing and let me just say that my heart cookie cutter got its work out this month!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Valentines Day and stay tuned for lots of green inspired posts!

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