Tuesday, April 8, 2014

5 tips to spruce up your space for spring!

I put together this card to send out to my clients and thought I'd share it with you too! Spring is my second favorite season because everything starts to turn green and it means that we can spend more time outside! It also wants that we need to spruce up our homes and let the light in!! Here are 5 tips to spruce up your space for spring!

1. Pack away the dark and bring in the light! Replace heavy, dark drapery and linens for light, cool colored ones.

2. Bring in the outdoors! Place potted plants throughout the home to bring in soothing aromas and calming views.

3. Introduce new spring colors into your home! Aurora (yellow), Vibrant Green, Flame (red), Coral, Kelp (gray-green), Delft (blue), Begonia Pink, Sweet Lavender, Blue Turquoise and Slate Grey.

4. Rearrange your space to make the outside view a focal point! When rearranging your spaces, clean under furniture, dust shelves and touch up paint.

5. Get rid of clutter! Determine what items you need in each space, what you can pack away and what you can give away or donate! There are so many charities like the VVA (Vietnam Veterans of America) who will take almost anything with the exception of big electronics! And you're helping someone in need! It's a win win! 

I hope this helps you spruce up your space this spring!

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