Thursday, March 20, 2014

Recap of the week

We had a great st paddys day AND someone had a very blessed birthday! I got wined and dined by my wonderful husband and then he not only surprised me with flying my best friend out to Colorado but he threw me a surprise party! I may have drank too much tequila but it was definitely a birthday I will remember! 

I am already looking forward to upcoming holidays like Easter and mothers day! I am so excited to give the boys their Easter baskets!! Especially Brantley since this will be his first Easter! Caidan doesn't even care if he gets candy anymore, he'd much rather prefer an iTunes card or new under armor clothes! 

Caidan has started playing football and is already loving it! He really is such a stud. I can see great things in his future! Anyways that's a quick recap! Here are some photos from the week! Enjoy!

Stay tuned for fun Easter basket goodies!

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