Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Embrace the Mess and Eat Donuts

I have learned with two kids, a husband and two dogs that I must embrace the mess. And for anyone who knows me, knows that it probably the hardest thing I can do. Next is killing spiders. The house is sold but that doesn't mean we can do our day to day activities and treat it like we used to (we got new wood floors out in) so it's been a special kind of hard to keep it in order for these last few weeks that we are here. But the other day, I just didn't care. We ate donuts for lunch (National donut day) and we went to the pool and then poured all the toys out and banged them against the wall. In that moment, I just didn't care. The baby was happy, I had 15 minutes to kick my feet up and Caidan was playing video games, all was good. 

Then this happened....

Oh the life of a 10 month old. Must be rough. Must be rough.

We celebrated my parents birthday's this past weekend and I just adore this picture. It was totally impromptu but turned out perfect. 

I also did some Pinterest inspired DIY decor this past weekend! It's a pallet from Aaron's work and just some paint. Pretty much the easiest thing I've ever done. My husband thinks I can sell them. Oh, yeah, like I have time for another job. 

Aaron NEVER has days off, and when I say never, I mean never. He has like every other monday off and even that is debatable. But this monday we took full advantage of the mid 60 degree weather and one happy baby and the 4 of our carted off to the zoo. Brantley was mostly confused but loved the fish. 

Embracing the mess is one thing I am sure that I will master soon. But for now, we take it day by day and just enjoy each others company:) Stay tuned for some exciting news coming up in the next few days!

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