Monday, October 28, 2013

My journey through my second pregnancy!

Since I am picking up the blog from when I first started I am playing catch up on some of the main events that have occurred in our lives. We welcomed the birth of our second child, Brantley Kyle Malone on July 24th and our world couldn't be more complete. Caidan is an awesome big bro and continues to amaze me at how kind and sweet he is even though he turned 10 this year and seems to be more "cool" everyday! I got the idea to document my pregnancy through another blog that I follow called little baby garvin, she is so talented in things like this and my boards are not as cool as hers but here they are!

What a wonderful and amazing journey it was! I'm sure my husband would agree since he's the one who took all the pictures! Thanks again to Jessica from little baby garvin for the inspiration and ideas!

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