Thursday, July 24, 2014

Brantley turns one!

Well folks. Today is the day. My baby turns one. I'm not sad as I am just amazed at how fast the time flew by. He is so independent, wants to do everything on his own, wants to feed himself, dumps everything onto the floor, plays in the toilet, says uh oh all the time even if nothing happened, will bang a remote against anything that makes a loud noise, loves anything that has to do with his big brother and smiles at everything. I swear this baby is the happiest baby ever, as long as he's fed and has his naps, sound like anyone familiar???? I'm talking about myself:) if you are reading this mom you will probably be thinking back to my baptism since that's your favorite story to tell:) I cannot wait for the next 6 months to just enjoy this little guy because then, another baby will be here! I promise I'm not crazy people! We are all so excited for this next chapter in our lives as we build new memories and welcome another baby! Here are some photos of the day! Stay tuned for a big party on Sunday with our closet family and friends! 

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