Thursday, July 3, 2014

Time flies when you're (sort of) having fun!

I cannot believe that Brantley is 11 months and will be a year in a few weeks, we are moving into our new house in less than two weeks and Caidan will be starting 6th grade this coming year! 

I am learning what my life is going to be like in 6 short months when we welcome another baby. Packing a house with an 11 month old might just be the hardest thing I've ever done. It's literally like 1 step forward, 14 steps backwards. I pack a box, he dumps chips onto the floor. I pack a box, he unpacks what I just packed. Oh such is life. At least I'm getting a head start so it really isn't putting me behind on anything. In addition to unpacking boxes, this 11 month old is on the verge of walking, taking and he might just start running while he's at it. He got his first haircut this month and gained two more teeth! I forget what it's like to have a speed crawler on my hands. Getting ready in the morning will sometimes take me 3 hours because someone is in the toilet, then in the closet, ripping down all my clothes, then in my makeup. He is a handful but what a fun handful. He is so curious about everything and wants to know what you are doing at all times!

Brantley also got the hand foot mouth virus this past month, which in laymen's terms basically means he had a fever of 102 and sores all over his mouth, feet and hands. No fun and no medicine. So we suffered through it and Aaron and I took turns sleeping while this little guy suffered the most. Good news, it only lasted a few more days once we went to the doctor and once the fever broke we were in much better spirits:)

Our new house is so much closer to family, friends and work that I can hardly wait to move in! We are fortunate to be able to make this move, I am forever grateful to how hard both Aaron and I work to provide for this little growing family. 

In other news, Caidan is turning 16 this year, just kidding, but really, I feel like I have a teenager in the house already, he rolls his eyes, tells me I embarrass him (success!) and is the most moody person I've ever met! However, he is the most helpful when it comes to his brother and for that I am forever thankful. He can see when the patience is wearing thin on me and I'm about to loose it.  he is such a good kid and 6th grade is just one step away from middle school! He went to camp for a week this summer didn't have any fun:)

We also celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary by heading to the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. It was a gorgeous day and a nice getaway for the day.

Cheers to the 4th and hope everyone has a safe a great holiday weekend!

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