Friday, December 27, 2013

A VERY Merry Christmas 2013!

Well, Christmas has officially come and gone. I feel like it was like the day of our wedding, there was so much time and preparation that went into it and then it was over! Oh well, there will be another year! The kids were spoiled rotten, oh and so was I:) Aaron and I decided not to over do it this christmas and just focus on the kids. I listened, he didn't. He surprised me with the top band to my wedding ring. It's currently being sautered and sized so I can't show you a picture, but it's gorgeous! Brantley got a anytime chair from our friends at Pottery Barn Kids as well as a boat load of clothes from Baby Gap! Caidan got a PS4 (which is a gaming system) as well as a ton of Under Armor and Nike stuff!

We spent Christmas Eve with Aaron's family and then had dinner with mine. Brantley was exhausted by the end of the day he fell asleep in my mom's arms:) Note that he has a death grip on the wipes.

I made snowman pancakes for Caidan and myself to get us in the holiday spirit!

This was the best photo of the 4 of us I could get, which is 100% better than our thanksgiving photo. 

Brantley also got this talking puppy that he can't quite use yet but that didn't stop mommy and daddy from getting him on it!

He loved unwrapping gifts and eating the paper.... 

But most of all, just liked sitting in his box.

 Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and now, we must get ready for New Years Eve! 2013 has been so great! Looking forward to what 2014 will bring!

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