Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wrapping gifts

I have always envied the perfectly wrapped presents that you see under the trees in the magazines and thought, I can do that! I've always loved the simplicity of using kraft paper and then accessorizing with ribbon and string and washi tape! The possibilities are endless and you can get creative as well! PS Target has a fantastic line of new wrapping essentials that I was ALL over! Here's a peek at some of the gifts I have wrapped so far!

 I used this adorable wiener dog paper with just some festive twine string and look how nice it looks!
 Here are some of the goodies I picked up!
 In love with this washi tape, I plan to use it on the gifts from Santa!
 Basic kraft paper with some twine
I also wanted to include our advent calendar this year, I had my heart set on this one from garnet hill but it was 78 dollars! It is now on sale for 50% of and I plan to use it next year! So we picked this one up from Home Goods and called it a day! Caidan is so excited to move the snowflake every morning!
 And of course the munchkin! He is getting so freaking big!

Happy almost Christmas! Only two weeks away!

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