Friday, January 3, 2014


I absolutely love the idea of this interlinking of blogs that Little Baby Garvin posted about! What a great idea to share our New Years goals as I like to call them! I too am not a fan of resolutions, as I seem to set myself up for failure right away. I have every excuse in the book and I use them frequently. I like to have goals that can be reached, or words rather that can inspire me and motivate me.

My word of the year for 2014 is More.

Love More. Smile More. Laugh More. I seem to always be organizing and cleaning and putting things into order in my house, I think I do it so that I can somewhat keep my sanity. It drives my entire family nuts! I need to embrace the mess, do MORE snuggles with my boys while they are still at an age where they will let me. I need to tell my husband I love him MORE. I need to take walks MORE. I need to read to Brantley MORE and not worry about the 10 thousand loads of laundry I have to do. I need to cherish the small moments MORE. Life is way too short and this year I plan to slow down and do MORE but do LESS, if that makes any sense! I hope you all will set goals and not resolutions and just take each day one day at a time. Because life is not about each breath you take but the moments that take your breath away. Yes, that is right out of a George Strait song. 

Go check out Jessica at Little Baby Garvin if you want to participate in this!

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