Monday, January 27, 2014

Valentines crafting and decorating!

Well, valentines days is right around the corner and let me just start off by saying I enjoy this day purely because I get to make everything heart shaped. Cookies, pancakes, cakes, toast and anything else I can get my heart shaped cutter on! This past weekend Caidan and I whipped up a batch of valentines cookies. Instead of making the sugar cookies from scratch I decided to take the easy route and use the Betty Crocker mix. That allowed me more time to spend making the icing and decorating them!

Guess what else we've been doing? That's right, decorating the house in all things hearts and valentines! I ordered this adorable blanket from Karen at bubby blankets on etsy. She is wonderful and does custom orders for me because I'm a nut and wanted this specific fabric!

Garlands have become a necessary part of my decorating. I think they are so fun and playful and come in all kinds of designs and textures! I got this one at target!

And this one from yellow bird yellow beard!

Bath and body works have the most amazing candles and as soon as I found out they had a red velvet flavor I couldn't scoop it up fast enough! 

Don't forget that decorating your house for valentines day doesn't have to be complicated. Just do what makes you happy! Like red heart shaped baby feet!

I love the dollar spot at target and I'm always sifting through it to see what goodies I can find. Turns out I found some amazing stuff for the boys valentines baskets! And these adorable baskets were a must!

And finally, guess who's 6 months! Yep, this little man!

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