Saturday, November 23, 2013

Christmas tree time!

Every year I decorate my Christmas tree with the usual generic ornaments from either target or hobby lobby plus my own personal ones that I have recieved throughout the years. Up until about 2 years ago that was all fine and dandy. Then Charlie, my lovely yellow lab decided he would chew every ornament on the tree, thus my start to decorating my tree differently. I design my tree like I design my house. Simple. I love the idea of making my own ornaments with my kids. Remember my salt dough ornaments that I made last week? Week here is the final product!

We also did home made cinnamon ornaments. They were both so super easy and the cinnamon ones made my house smell incredible! You can find both recipes on my Pinterest page

This year I am also using paper garland that you can get in almost any color! I got mine from glitter and grain off etsy! 

  And of course your daily dose of the munchkin!

Stay tuned for a sneak peek at the thanksgiving decor I will be using to create a fabulous table!

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