Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013

I am so glad it is November! It is probably my favorite month because it is full of all things FALL! Also, this means that Christmas is right around the corner! We had a fantastic Halloween filled with too much candy and lots of trick or treaters. Caidan went out with his football buddies (they grow up so fast) and we stayed home with Brantley and passed out candy. Caidan also had a halloween party at school that is always a special treat for the kids!

This year Caidan went as a werewolf and B went as a shark! Both were adorable in their own way! Here are a few pics from that night!

 Doesn't this just melt your heart! I could just squeeze him all day! Wait, I already do that! 
Caidan thinks it's funny to put silly glasses on your little brother! Brantley will surely love this when he's older
My little munchkins! I am so lucky to be their mommy!
We of course carved pumpkins like always and we each did one, well I ended up carving most of Caidan's because he got frustrated when he picked out the most intricate design, can you guess which one is his? I did a B for Brantley because I didn't have my creative hat on and just wanted to get the dang thing carved:)

 And what would any holiday be without some sort of treat! I decided that I was going to make cupcakes for caimans school for their party, however when I re read the email, they asked for mini cupcakes. Blonde moment number 435. Oh well, more sweets for me!
 And a couple more photos from Halloween, because I clearly can't take just ONE picture!

Hope everyone had a safe Halloween! Here's to Thanksgiving!

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