Thursday, November 28, 2013


Wow. This thanksgiving was probably the most memorable ones in a while. Probably because it was Brantley's first:) We laid low in the morning just hanging out relaxing watching the macys thanksgiving parade and I made a killer crockpot casserole that turned out amazing! You can find the recipe on my Pinterest board:) I may or may not have also had mimosas:)
We them popped over to my parents house for a 11 course meal. For the record, I had two servings of potatoes. No judgement. 
 He is very confused at what all the commotion is about...silly adults.

He slept right through dinner and then woke up for dessert which consisted of apple, pumpkin and caramel pie as well as a strawberry cheesecake! Can you say sweet overload! Then my father of course brought out the Jim beam egg nog. It was delicious. 

I designed the table for dinner and I'm pretty darn proud of the end result! 

For sources please see below:

Boxes: container store
Table runner and napkins: pottery barn
Flower, votives and candles sticks: hobby lobby
The rest is from my backyard! I even took pinecones from my neighbors!

I got a lot of compliments and was very happy that everyone liked it! 

My family is known for sabotaging all photos that I get to get with all of us together so this is the best one we got out of about 90. Thank you Aaron.

Hope you all had an amazing day with your families! Tomorrow the fall decorations go down and the tree goes up! Words cannot describe how excited I am. I think I'm more excited than my kids. 

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